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Manufactures AFM and SPM. Offices worldwide

Jose Vargas
United States of America
My research interest is engaged in various fundamental and applied research projects in the field of magnetic, ferroelectric and multiferroic materials and devices for information storage and recording, high frequency applications and biomedical materials in theranostics.

Molecular Manufacturing Shortcut Group
Promotes developing nanotechnology as a way to facilitate space exploration and settlement.

Nanoscale Devices: Fabrication, Functionalization, and Accessibility from the Macroscopic World (NanoScience and Technology) (Hardcover)
Gianfranco Cerofolini (Author)
September 7, 2009 - 205 pages
The evolution of the microelectronics is controlled by the idea of scaling. However, the scaling of the device size below 10 nm is expected to be impossible because of physical, technological and economic reasons. Fundamental considerations (based on Heisenberg's principle, Schrِdinger equation ...

Neutron Holography
L. Cser,
Organic Molecule Entrapment
David Avnir
Todd McDevitt, et. al.

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