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nanopool GmbH
Innovative thinking combined with a quality-conscious and sustainable acting are the basis for the success of nanopool. Thereby the family business supports its ability to discover at an early stage the needs on the market and create certified, fully developed and secure solutions. Nanopool cover ...

Dirk Saerens
Antibody engineering, biosensor

QuarTek Corp
A research company involved in the development of processes for the production of nano-sized materials, devices, and sensors for monitoring, display and control of physical properties and functions in scientific and commercial environments.

Nanotalk: Conversations With Scientists And Engineers About Ethics, Meaning, And Belief in the Development of Nanotechnology (Hardcover)
Rosalyn W. Berne (Author)
September 6, 2005 - 384 pages
No one really knows where nanotechnology is leading, what its pursuit will mean, and how it may affect human and other forms of life. Nevertheless, its research and development are moving briskly into that unknown. It has been suggested that rapid movement towards 'who knows where' is endemic to ...

Single nanotube spectral characterization by ultra-high resolution spectroscopy (TERS)
Dr. S. Kharintsev, Dr. J. Loos, Dr. G. Hoffmann, Prof. G. de With, Dr. P. Dorozhkin
Bacterial Nanobridge
Ravi Saraf
Klaus Kern

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