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SchauPlatz NANO
SchauPlatz NANO offers a custom-made marketing platform for manufacturers and service industries of nanoproducts on national and international fairs. SchauPlatz NANO as a communication platform is created by Beiersdorff GmbH and provides the four elements: SchauPlatz Nano for a fair performance, ...

Evgeny Filatov
Russian Federation
nanoalloys; solid solutions; XRD
... More From the site: NanoReg is a professional services firm, specializing in the regulation of the products of nanotechnology. The NanoReg Report is published by NanoReg, to provide current information on government regul ...

Fundamentals of Nanotechnology (Hardcover)
Gabor L. Hornyak (Author), John J. Moore (Author), H.F. Tibbals (Author), Joydeep Dutta (Author)
December 22, 2008 - 786 pages
WINNER 2010 CHOICE AWARD OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC TITLE! Nanotechnology is no longer a subdiscipline of chemistry, engineering, or any other field. It represents the convergence of many fields, and therefore demands a new paradigm for teaching. This textbook is for the next generation of nanotechnol ...

Bone Apatite
Masakazu Kawashita
Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography
Patrick Naulleau,
Terbium on Tungsten
René Pascal

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