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University of California Davis
UC Davis is one of the nation's top public research universities and is part of the world's pre-eminent public university system. The campus is set in the heart of the Central Valley, close to the state capital and San Francisco Bay Area. As one of the last "small-town universities," we ch ...

Evgeny Filatov
Russian Federation
nanoalloys; solid solutions; XRD

Silicon photonics
Silicon photonics group at the University of PAris Sud. Several intersting links on this topic ... Moreare given

Superlattice to Nanoelectronics (Hardcover)
Raphael Tsu (Author)
June 2, 2005 - 340 pages
Superlattice to Nanoelectronics provides a historical overview of the early work performed by Tsu and Esaki, to orient those who want to enter into this nanoscience. It describes the fundamental concepts and goes on to answer many questions about todays 'Nanoelectronics'. It covers the applicati ...

Yoshikazu Homma
Atomic Teeter-Totter
Hopkinson, Lutz & Eigler

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