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A full service analytical laboratory for the outsourcing of AFM and other surface analytical techniques.

Francesc Torres
MEMS and NEMS: Synchronization of MEMS Energy Harvesting Quantum phenomena on NEMS Mass sensors RF Filters

The Center for NanoSpace Technologies is a Texas-based nonprofit scientific research and education foundation chartered to conceive, establish, and conduct cutting-edge technology, research, and development in the areas of aerospace, educatio ...

Microoptics and Nanooptics Fabrication (Hardcover)
Shanalyn Kemme (Editor)
August 27, 2009 - 232 pages
The deep interconnection between micro/nanooptical components and related fabrication technologies—and the constant changes in this ever-evolving field—means that successful design depends on the engineer’s ability to accommodate cutting-edge theoretical developments in fabrica ...

Chinese painting
Hui Ying Yang
Strained Surface Morphology
Ilan Goldfarb
Igor Fedorov

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