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Genomic Solutions Inc.
Genomic Solutions develops, manufactures, and sells instrumentation, software, and consumables used to determine gene activity, isolate, identify and characterize proteins, and dispense small volumes of biologically important materials. The company’s products and systems, marketed as the GeneMachine ...

Sang-Hyuk Im
Korea; Republic of
■ Quantum dot-sensitized solar cell - Liquid and solid type dye-sensitized solar cell - Liquid and solid type quantum dot-sensitized solar cell - Inorganic-organic hybrid solar cell ■ Inorganic-organic hybrid photovoltaic cell for NIR photodetection - p-n junction type NIR photodetecor - Scho ...

Park Systems
Manufacturer of a complete range of AFM solutions for imaging and measurement needs in research and industry.

Nano-Surface Chemistry (Hardcover)
Morton Rosoff (Author)
September 15, 2001 - 720 pages
Describes hierarchical assemblies in biology and biological processes that occur at the nanoscale across membranes and at interfaces.

Bone AFM
Michael A. Horton
Electrospun Virus Fiber
Angela Belcher
Blue Nickel
Don Eigler

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