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Lyondell Chemical Co.
Lyondell is a global leader in the manufacture of chemicals and polymers, building blocks for countless products that people around the world use every day. From our cars to our homes, from the grocery store to the office, Lyondell’s products are vital to the goods that people throughout the world d ...

Dr Navneet Dabra
Nano-Cearmics/Materials, Ferroelectric/Multiferroics Materials/Composites, Physics, Materials Science.

Cantion A/S
Manufacturer of MEMS nanonanofluidic dispensers and nanomechanical cantilevers. Denmark.

Transport in Nanostructures (Hardcover)
David K. Ferry (Author), Stephen M. Goodnick (Author), Jonathan Bird (Author)
September 21, 2009 - 670 pages

Topography imaging with Phenom
Compartmental Nanotubes
Susana Trasobares, et. al.
Swiss Cheese
Karsten Pohl

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