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Park Systems
United States of America
Manufacturer of a complete range of AFM solutions for imaging and measurement needs in research and industry.

Structural and Optical Properties of Transition Metal and Rare-Earth Silicides.

Small Times
Daily articles covering MEMS, nanotechnology, and microsystems, with a business angle.

Introduction to Nanophotonics (Hardcover)
Sergey V. Gaponenko (Author)
May 31, 2010 - 484 pages
Nanophotonics is where photonics merges with nanoscience and nanotechnology, and where spatial confinement considerably modifies light propagation and light-matter interaction. Describing the basic phenomena, principles, experimental advances and potential impact of nanophotonics, this graduate- ...

Field of Sunflowers
S.K. Hark
Energy Filtered STM
Peter Sutter
Tartaric Acid Adsorption
Chun-Li bai

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